SFCD: Week 7

The question is, how do you get where you want to go?

I could live forever in the land of building. Building phrases, wrecking phrases, blowing them up and reworking them. But if we lived in that part of the process forever, we’d never make any substantive work.

This week we started to put together everything we built, tore down, and rebuilt. We flocked. We threw tennis balls to heighten our awareness. We did the same three steps over and over again until we couldn’t do them anymore. We ran. We ran some more.

We talked. A lot. About what it means to make work for audiences.  About what it would mean if we live-streamed every rehearsal for the masses. About what it means to write about the process  of creating for others to read. About inviting non-dancers into our world. About tearing down walls. About moving forward. About building things when you don’t know what you’re building. And, about how to get where you want to go.

It’s not about the arriving, but about the getting there and how you do it. It’s about knowing where you want to arrive but not knowing what road to take. So, we asked a lot of questions. What felt good? Did certain transitions work better than others? If the task is to look, how do you look? Do you look with curiosity? Do you look with disinterest? Do you look with skepticism? Do you move the eyes? Do you turn the head? How do you turn the head?  Question, question, question. And with questions, you might not find only one answer, but you do have to make decisions. Otherwise, you will never get where you’re hoping to go.

And, for the heck of it, we blew some more things up.


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