In The Works


Dance lead role of The Woman in Unsung Heroes: The Women of World War II

Present work at WIDE EYES: Knoxville

Present choreography in spring shows for Studio Arts for Dancers and Van Metre School of Dance

Work for Director of Development at Vail Dance Festival in Vail, Colorado

Present new work for GO! Contemporary Dance Work’s fall season at the Tennessee Theatre


Taking a look back. It’s easy to forget what you’ve done and where you’ve been when you’re only looking to what’s next. Here are some highlights from 2018 and 2019:


  • Produced and presented a film created by The Iteration Project community members at BEACON18
  • Starred as Alice in Wonderland in GO!’s production of Alice.
  • Choreographed and coached 8 new works for students to be presented in three different spring shows.
  • Developed the third section of a trio choreographed for Modern Dance Primitive Light in 2017.
  • Developed and taught a Summer Choreography Intensive for teens.
  • Initiated The Iteration Project’s Partner Program and Monthly Challenge calendar.
  • Developed a new work on and with members of The Gamut Dance Company.
  • Choreographed two new works for GO! Contemporary Dance Work’s fall performance.


  • Attended New Dialect’s Winter Intensive with Joy Davis. Countertechnique & creative process.
  • Danced the role of Joan of Arc in GO! Contemporary Dance Work’s production Jehanne.
  • Reset, investigated and prepared work set in Fall 2018 for students of The Gamut Dance Company at Davidson College to be presented at American College Dance Association.Presented choreography in the spring show of Studio Arts for Dancers, Van Metre School of Dance, and Dancers Studio.
  • Taught a week long choreography workshop at Studio Arts for Dancers
  • Venue Manager for the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater at the Vail Dance Festival in Vail, Colorado.
  • Choreographed two new works for GO! Contemporary Dance Work’s fall season.
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